Selfunloading Vessel

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+31 622835347


Type: General Cargo Ship / Belt Selfunloader
Built: 2011 Shipyard Ferus Smit BV, Westerbroek, Netherlands
Call Sign: P C M K
IMO number: 9504152
Flag/Homeport : Netherlands / Delfzijl
Class: Bureau Veritas reg. Aut-ums, Mono-shaft
P&I: The Swedish Club
Ice Class: Finnish Swedish 1A
GT/NT: 6069/3100
DW Summer: 10113 mt
DW Winter: 9720 mt
LOA: 123,3 m
Beam Moulded: 15,85 m (centerline 7,92 m fm side)
Airdraft: 28,9 m
Immersion (TPC): 18 mt/cm
Draft Summer: 7,66 m
Draft Winter: 7,50 m
Mean ballast draft: 4,75 m


Main engine: Wärtsilä 8L32
Output: 3840 kw/5184 BHP
Propulsion: Single screw CPP
Rudder: Flaprudder of becker type
Bow Thruster: Jastram electric motor variable
Output: 340 kw/460 BHP



Discharging equipment

Distance from waterline to outlet of boom conveyor in top position: 17,14 m
Distance from waterline to outlet of boom conveyor in 90°: 5,15 m
Boom Conveyor Outreach (meters) at top position from ship side, STB: 22,20 m
Boom Conveyor Outreach (meters) in 90° angle from ship side, STB: 24,10 m
Max elevation boom conveyor: 30°
Max fraction size allowed for self discharging: 45 mm
Discharging capacity boom conveyor: abt. 500 mt/hour

Holds and hatches

Available hold capacity hold no 1: 5590 cbm
Available hold capacity hold no 2: 5606 cbm
Total: 11196 cbm
Hold dimensions (1&2): 42,00 x 13,00 x 10,60 m
Hatch dimensions (1&2): 38,50 x 13,15 x 38,45 x 13,15 m
Distance from waterline to hatchcoaming in full ballast: 5,71 m
Distance from waterline to hatchcoaming in loaded condition: 2,80 m


HFO: 362 cbm
75 cbm
Ballast water:
4437 cbm
Lub oil:
21 cbm
Fresh water:
41 cbm


abt 18m3/24hrs in full speed 13kn loaded/14,5kn in ballast
abt 14m3/24hrs in 12knots (60Hz) at sea
abt 10m3/24hrs in 10 knots (60Hz) at sea
abt 7m3/24hrs in 9 knots (50Hz) at sea
Discharging with boom conveyor abt 1,5m3/24hrs
Idle abt 0,6m3/24hrs